Taxonomic Revision of Afrotropical Laccophilus Leach, 1815
(Coleoptera, Dytiscidae)

ZooKeys No. 542

By: O. Bistrom, AN Nilsson, & J. Bergsten
December 2015
Distributed by Coronet Books
ISBN: 9789546427984
380 Pages, Illustrated
$162.50 Paper original


The genus Laccophilus is a diverse and species rich group of Diving beetles (Dytiscidae) with a distribution covering all continents but Antarctica. New and comprehensive works exist for many large geographic area but Africa and its fauna, especially that South of Sahara, has been in part neglected although intensive taxonomic work has been the case on species level. We have to go back to the year 1959 and the French entomologist Felix Guignot for the last treatment dealing with all Laccophilus species. During the 56 years gone, additional new species have been introduced but their systematic position remain by large unclear. A new study, which considers all African species has thus been urgently needed. This work is meant to fill this lack.

The present revision gives for each species a description accompanied with genitalia and habitus illustrations. Furthermore, there is list on the literature citations for each species. Distribution maps, which are based solely on verified records are included. A simple, phenetic analysis suggests that the genus in Africa can be divided into 17 species groups. Diagnoses and notes on the collecting circumstances are provided together with determination keys for species groups and separate species. 22 new species are introduced, many new synonymies are established and numerous lectotypes are designated. At present 105 species are recognized in Africa including Madagascar.

We, the authors, are satisfied to be able to release this revision but on the same time we are perfectly well aware that the work is far from complete. New collections in insufficiently studied sites and areas will without doubt bring many new species during the forthcoming years.