Taxonomic Synopsis of the Subtribe Physoderina (Coleoptera, Carabidae, Lebini), with Species Revisions of Eight Genera

ZooKeys No. 284


By Hongliang Shi, et al.
Spetember 2013
Distributed By Coronet Books Inc.
ISBN: 9789546426789                         
129 pages, Illustrated
$87.50 Paper original

This monograph deals with a group of arboreal ground beetles which is recognized as Physoderina, a subtribe of Lebiini mainly distributes in Oriental Region, with a few species also occur in Africa. These beetles were known for their small and colorful appearance. The taxonomy at both generic and specific levels was quite confused. Therefore revision of the subtribe is very necessary. A total of ten genera are recognized and keyed in the present monograph, and several of them are redefined and redescribed. Generic delimitation in Physoderina is mainly presented by the internal sac sclerite of male aedeagus and secondary sexual characters. Species of eight genera are revised with the exception of African Dasiosoma ones. These species are described and illustrated, accompanied by 157 photographs. This monograph is an indispensable tool for anybody interested in taxonomic and faunistic aspects on Oriental Physoderina of Lebiini.


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