Teletext in Europe: From the Analog to
the Digital Era


Teletext in Europe: from the analog to the digital era (paperback)

Edited by: Halvard Moe & Hilde Van den Bulck
July 2016
Distributed by Coronet Books
ISBN: 9789187957246
249 Pages
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Acknowledgements 7 Teletext in Europe. An Introductory Guide to the Book Hilde Van den Bulck & Hallvard Moe 9 PART 1: PERSPECTIVES 13 1 Why Media Researchers Don’t Care About Teletext Hilde Van den Bulck & Hallvard Moe 15 2 Is It Just Text? Raquel Meyers 31 3 What Is Teletext? A Phenomenological Description Lars Nyre 51 PART 2: CASES 67 4 Teletext in Flanders. A Medium Hiding in Plain Sight Hilde Van den Bulck 69 5 Back to the Future. What Teletext’s Past Tells Us About the Future Relationship Between Public Service Media and Publishers in Switzerland Manuel Puppis, Samuel Studer & Edzard Schade 89 6 The Old Reliable. Teletext as a Survivor of Digitalization of TV in Finland Marko Ala-Fossi 111 7 Super Teletext. A Social Shaping of Teletext as Locating Newness in a Media Convergence Future Pernilla Severson 131 8 The Icelandic Public Service Broadcaster RÚV’s Teletext Service Textavarpið and Media Change Ole J. Mjøs 151 9 Freedom of Information and Divides in the Digital Age. Teletext and Internet Use in Norway Hallvard Moe 167 10 Teletext as a New Media Promoter in Croatia. Surviving War and Transition Mato Brautović & Tena Perišin 187 11 The Italian Way to Teletext. The History, Structure and Role of Televideo Rai Luca Barra & Gabriele Balbi 205 12 Teletext and Videotex in France. From Innovative Social Media to Objects of Cultural Memory Lyombe Eko 227 Postscript. Lessons from Analyses of a Forgotten Medium Hallvard Moe & Hilde Van den Bulck 241 Authors’ bios 246