Drive to Global Citizenship
Motivating people, Mapping public support, Measuring effects of global education

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Edited by Ignace Pollet & Jan Van Ongevalle
February 2014
Distributed by Coronet Books
ISBN: 9789044131260
209 Pages
$47.50 Paper original


Do we still believe in foreign aid and development education? As governments tend to cut down aid budgets and the public appears to take a more and more sceptical stand, not just the old way of campaigning is under pressure, but also the idea of the North helping the South as such. To materialize the hind-laying value of global solidarity in the present world, a radical re-thinking of the wornout concept of aid is required.

Set against this paradox, this book explores the new notion of global citizenship and the challenges it represents. Self-contained chapters feature coverage of a range of issues: politics, opinion polls, education, the results agenda, private sustainability standards, framing messages for TV-broadcasting and the role of social media. As it is a long road to global citizenship, this book keeps you company for a part of the way.