Theologische, Historische und Biographische Skizzen
Kleine Schriften VII
(German language)
Wissenschaftliche Untersuchungen zum Neuen Testament, 253


By Martin Hengel
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ISBN: 9783161502019
805 pages
$397.50 Hardcover

The seventh and final volume of Martin Hengel's "Selected Essays" contains 32 texts, among which two are hitherto unpublished. The first section includes the small monograph on "Christ and Power," a new and programmatic essay on Heilsgeschichte (salvation history), as well as reflections on New Testament methodology. The second section is devoted to biographical sketches and investigations into the history of the discipline.

The articles on Kurt Aland, Elias Bickerman, Henry Chadwick, Joseph Barber Lightfoot and Günther Zuntz are particularly comprehensive. Some small contributions to the author's own scholarly vita conclude the essays. Jörg Frey continues the author's bibliography. An alphabetical listing of the essays contained in the seven volumes of the "Selected Essays" and extensive indexes on Volumes V to VII complete the volume.

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