Third World Attitudes Toward International Law

By D. S. Pradhan
November 2010
MD Publications
Distributed by Coronet Books Inc.
ISBN: 9788175333116
275 pages
$59.50 Hardcover

Third World Attitude towards International Law attempts to look afresh at the history of colonial international law, engage previous trends in third world international law, take cognizance of the dramatic changes which have characterized the body of international law in the last few decades from the perspective of third world peoples, record their resistence to unjust and oppressive international laws, and advance new approaches that address their needs and concerns. The objective would be to regain economic and social space for independent and self reliant development of third world countries and to establish a democratic and just world over.

One of the most dramatic developments in international law has been the growth of laws focusing on the individual, which provide protection and require accountability whereas in the past, international law focused primarily on regulating state behavior and defining states rights, it has increasingly been involved in identifying rights and holding individuals accountable and this trend began after world war II.

About the Author

DS Pradhan had a brilliant career and a rank holder in college examination had a MA and MPhil in Political Science. After working for a long time as a lecturer he went abroad for higher studies and now he is associated and working as Legal Advisor in multinational company.


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