Three Russians Consider America

America in the Works of Maksim Gor'kij, Aleksandr Blok & Vladimir Majakovskij
Stockholm Studies in Russian Literature, No. 8

By Charles Rougle
July 1976
Almgvist and Wiksell
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ISBN: 9122000887                                                                  
175 pages, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2"
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From the Introduction :

"The impact of America on Russia is a theme that has repeatedly attracted the attention of observers the world over, at least since the 1912 revolution, when began the process that has since establish the two countries as the major poles of global history.

"One ventures to predict that it will continue to do so, for the subject is far from exhausted. This is especially true of the cultural sphere; although any number of studies have been devoted to the history of America's historical, political, and legal influence on Russian thought, similar detailed investigations in the area of literature are noticeably fewer and of relatively recent date."



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