Tom Mann's Memoirs

By Tom Mann
December 2008
Distributed by Coronet Books Inc.
ISBN: 9780851247588
279 pages
$42.50 Paper Original

The first seretary of the Independent Labour Party, the President of the dockers' union, the first General Seretary of the Amalgamated Engineering Union: a mere roster of the positions he held in the Labour Movement, of which this is a tiny fraction, would establish Tom Mann as a Pioneer. But what he did was always more impressive than the positions from which he did it. He was an initiator, a catalyst, a goad to action.

Whenever a real crisis came, his stature found its true proportions, and again and again Tom Mann became a pivot for the actions of downtrodden people. Throughout his lifetime as a militant socialist, he invariably displayed a gift for finding himself at the centre of every major struggle of his time. For this reason it is important that these Memoirs, first published in 1923, should again become available.

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