Traces of Transnational Relations in the Eighteenth Century

Uppsala Studies in History of Ideas No. 47

Parables and Rhetoric in the Sermon on the Mount

Edited by: Tim Berndtsson, et al.
October 2015
Uppsala University
Distributed by Coronet Books
ISBN: 9789155492656
184 Pages, Illustrated
$62.50 Paper original


In April 2014 a group of master's and doctoral students from Uppsala University, the University of Liverpool and the Universtiy of York presented their work-in-progress at a workshop on the topic of transnational relations in the eighteenth century. Seven of the participants have contributed to the present book.

Delving into various aspects of the transnational eighteenth century, Traces of Transnational Relations in the Eighteenth Century is an anthology quite broad and disparate in scope, both geographically and thematically. This heterogeneity mirrors not only current historiohraphy, but also the eighteenth century itself, which was to a large extent characterised by pluralism and flux,