Travels of Fah-Hian & Sung-Yun: Buddhist Pilgrims from China to India (AD 400
& AD 518)

Travels of Fah-Hian and Sung-Yun: Buddhist Pilgrims from China to India (AD 400 and AD 518), Samuel Beal (Tr.)

Translated by: Samuel Beal
December 2016
Distributed by Coronet Books
ISBN: 9789187957338
207 Pages, Illustrated
$55.00 Hardcover


The present work contains two translations from the Chinese— (1) The Travels of Fah-Hian and (2) The Mission of Sung-Yun; both Buddhist pilgrims from China to India. This translation was published at a time when little was known in Europe of Chinese-Buddhist literature. Fah-Hian’s account of travels in India and Ceylon from AD 399 to 414 is one of the most important sources of reconstructing the life and condition of the times. Though brief, his account depicts general characteristics and tenderness of Gupta Imperial administration. It is a source-book for the study of Ancient India and Buddhism in India.