Trees & Woodlands of South India
Archaeological Perspectives
By Eleni Asouti & Dorian Q. Fuller
August 2010
Distributed by Coronet Books
ISBN: 9788121512145
342 pages, Illustrated
$157.50 Hardcover

This volume introduces the ecological history of woodland vegetation in South India. It incorporates a critical overview of the theories of ecology on the subcontinent while detailing the history of long-term changes in the tree and shrub vegetation of the Indian peninsula that have resulted from climate change and the impact of human activities on the landscape.

The volume also demonstrates the potential of microscopic analysis of archaeological wood charcoal remains for the purpose of palaeo-enviornmental reconstruction. Included in the volume is a practical guide for the microscopic identification of the principal timber species of South India, accompanied by detailed information on the synecology and autecology of native trees and shrubs, and ethnographic evidence on their diverse uses and properties.


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