T.S. Eliot at the Turn of the Century

By Marianne Thormahlen
October 1994
Lund University Press
Distributed by Coronet Books Inc.
ISBN: 9179662722
244 pages, Illustrated
$137.50 Hardcover

Midway between the centenary of T.S. Eliot's birth and the year 2000, a dozen Eliot scholars from six countries met in Lund, Sweden, to consider the current status, as well as the prospects, of Eliot studies. Each gave a talk on some aspect of Eliot that seemed particularly significant to him or her, and the question of Eliot's future was addressed in a joint panel debate.

Viewpoints and approaches varied widely; but all contributors were convinced that despite late twentieth century uncertainty about Eliot's standing, his work will still be read and appreciated after the turn of the century.

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