Unexpected Approaches to the Global Society

Edited by Helma De Smedt, et al.
December 2005
Distributed by Coronet Books Inc.
ISBN: 9044117734
364 pages, Illustrated, 6 ¾ x 9 ½"
$79.50 Paper Original

Despite changes in university structure and governance, the research efforts at University Faculties Saint-Ignatius (UFSIA) have always been fundamentally rooted in a concern for understanding daily life in order to produce socially relevant scientific work. Due to this permanent focus, UFSIA researchers of several disciplines had an undamaged reputation as well-informed policy watchers with a fine eye for realistic problem solving in many cultural, economic, judicial and social fields. Unexpected Approaches to the Global Society offers a selection of the proceedings of the congress the University Faculties Saint-Ignatius Antwerp held during its last year as an autonomous institution.

The Construction of Society. Man as Subject and Object of Globalisation
Section I. Migration Aspects
The Impact of Immigrants on the Labour Market
Europe's New Labour Migration Regimes
Turkish and Moroccan Newcomers in Flanders
A Dynamic Migration Model with Criminal Inertia: What Should it Contain?
Media Framing of the Immigration Issue: The Case of the Belgian Press

Section II. Local-Global Interferences
Individual Identity in an Ever Smaller World. The Role of European Ethnology
'The Nation That Honours Its Heroes, Honours Itself':
      Modernisation, Flemish Identity and the 'Healing Power' of the Historical Novel, ca. 1939-1946
Aid as an Encounter at the Local-Global Interface.
    The Complexity of the Global Fight Against Poverty
Borders and Boundaries of Globalisation:
    North-western Congo in Times of Militarisation and Extreme Transition
A Policeman's Word: The Entextualisation of TRC Debates
    in the Narratives of the Guguletu Seven Amnesty Applicants

Section III. Urban Dimensions
Urban Development Programmes in European Countries: Some Lessons
Urban Identity and Its Hidden Forms. Imagined Monuments in
    Nineteenth-Century Antwerp, a 'Metropolis of Art and Commerce'
Social Renting: Between Discourse and Reality
A Geography of Campsite Dwellers in Flanders.
    The Reconstruction of a Non-urban Residual Housing Sector

Section IV. Multilingualism at a Flemish Monolingual School: Youth Language and Identity
Brussels, Multilingualism and the Historical Significance of the Linguistic Balance and Language Attitudes
Conclusion: Some Reflections on Ethnicity and Cultural Relativism


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