Uppsala-Minnesota Colloquium
Law, Culture & Values

Edited By Mattias Dahlberg
August 2011
Iustus Forlag
Distributed By Coronet Books
ISBN: 9789176787397
309 pages
$167.50 Hardcover

The 2009 volume of De Lege celebrates the successful faculty and student exchange-program between the University of Minnesota Law School and the Uppsala University Law Faculty. The volume starts with papers by Professor Robert A. Stein and Chief Librarian, Professor Ulf Göranson. They cover the background and development of the exchange program, from an American and Swedish perspective respectively.

Thereafter follow papers from researchers from Minnesota Law School and the Uppsala Law Faculty. The papers are divided into five segments: American and Scandinavian Legal Realism, Freedom of Expression as a Human Right, Families across National and Cultural Boundaries, Current Topics in Environmental Law, and Terrorism and Legal Security. Each segment is covered by researchers from both law faculties. The papers were first presented at a colloquium held in Minneapolis in September 2009, and they represent clear evidence on the width and depth of current research.


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