Vajrayana Buddhism

By A. K. Mishra
September 2010
MD Publications
ISBN: 9788175332898
256 pages
$52.50 Hardcover

Vajrayana Buddhism received its name from the Sanskrit word vajra, which represents the thunderbolt wielded by indra, the god of war and weather.This word also loosely translates to mean 'diamond', denoting unbreakable strength. As such, Vajrayana Buddhism is often called the Diamond Vehicle and Indestructible Path of Buddhism. It also synoymous with various other names, including Thunderbolt Vechile, True Words Sect, Esoteric Buddhism, Tantric Buddhism, Mantrayana, And Secret Mantra, among others.

The goal of spiritual practice within the Mahayana and vajrayana traditions is to become a bodisattva, whereas the goal for theravada practice is not specific to which type of enlightened being to become. As with the Mahayana, motivation is vital componenet of Vajrayana practice, and Vajrayana teaches that all practices are to be undertaken withthe motivation to achieve Buddha hood for the benefit of all sentient beings.

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