Value of Life

Papers Presented ata Workshop
Konferenser, No. 46

By Goran Hermeren, Nils Eric Sahlin (eds.)
February 1999
Royal Swedish Academy
Distributed by
ISBN: 9174022903                                                                  
90 pages, 6 x 8 3/4"
$29.50 Paper Original

From the Abstract :

The Value of Life contains (the revised) papers on philosophical, psychological, legal, biblical, economical, and ethical aspects of valuing human lives presented at a workshop in Stockholm, arranged by the Royal Academy of Letters, History, and Antiquities together with the Foundation Natur ock Kultur Publishers, in April 17-18, 1997.

The book illustrates perspectives and approaches, ranging from philosophical, psychoogical, and economical to legal, ethical, and methodological, illustrating the interplay between theory, definitions, methods of measurement and value assumptions in valuing human lives. The chapters discuss ideas presented in contexts as diverse as the Bible, insurance policies, traffic safety, euthanasia, and health care policies.



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