Vikings in the East
Essays on Contacts Along the Road to Byzantium (800-1100)
Studia Byzantina Upsaliensia No. 14

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By Fedir Androshchuk
February 2014
Uppsala University
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ISBN: 9789155488154
272 Pages, Illustrated
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1. Vikings in the East

2. Identifying Northmen in Southern Rus

3. The role of Dereva and Volhynia in contacts between Northmen and Slavs in the 9th-11th centuries

4. Byzantium and the Viking World - Archaeological Evidence for Contacts (9th-10th c.)

5. Rituals of Power Great Mounds and 'Mound-Sitting' in Rus and Scandinavia

6. Contracts between Sweden and Southern Rus

7. Symbols of Faith or Symbols of Status? Christian Objects in Viking Rus Contexts

8. Cemeteries and the Shaping of an Early Christian Urban Landscape in Scandinavia and Rus

Some Final Remarks
List of Illustrations