Waltzing with the Enemy

A Mother & Daughter Confront the Aftermath of the Holocaust


By Rasia Kliot & Helen Mitsios
July 2011
Urim / Penina Publications
Distributed by Coronet Books
ISBN: 9781936068210
287 pages, Illustrated
$19.95 Paper original

Filled with insight and humor, this dual memoir by Rasia, born in Vilnius, Lithuania (who survived the Holocaust on a false identity), and her daughter Helen, born in Montreal, Canada, examines the long-term implications of being a survivor of the Holocaust and the unique pressures and anxieties the children of survivors inherit from their parents.

Rasia, determined to protect Helen from anti-Semitism, continues to pose as a Christian and raises her daughter in the Catholic faith, forbidding her from mentioning her Jewish identity. This compassionate memoir addresses the unspoken tension that complicated a mother-daughter relationship, follows Helen on her journey to embrace Judaism, and is a heart-stopping story of escape and survival from Nazi terror.


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