Wanted: Byzantium

The Desire for a Lost Empire

Studia Byzantina Upsaliensia No. 15


Edited by: Ingela Nilsson & Paul Stephenson
October 2014
Uppsala University
Distributed by Coronet Books
ISBN: 9789155489151
304 Pages, Illustrated
$82.50 Paper original



  • Inventing and re-inventing Byzantium : Nikephoros Phokas, Byzantine studies in Greece, and "New Rome' / John Burke
  • Was innovation unwanted in Byzantium? / Apostolos Spanos
  • What does it mean to be Greek in Rus'? On identity and cultural transfer / Fedir Androshchuk
  • When did Constantinople actually fall? / Olof Heilo
  • "I come from a cursed land and from the depths of darkness" : life after death in Greek laments about the fall of Constantinople / Adam J. Goldwyn
  • Surviving exile : Byzantine families and the Serenissima 1453-1600 / Ersie Burke
  • The three fathers of the Greek Orthodox Church : Greek paideia, Byzantine innovation and the formation of modern Greek identity / Helen Saradi
  • The mosaic in the apse : Friedenskirche and the construction of a desired past / Tonje Haugland Sørensen
  • Paul Moore and more Psellos : still 'Wanted' in Byzantium / Barbara Crostini
  • Night at the museum : on the category of the 'Byzantine' in today's Byzantine chant / Tore Tyvarnø Lind
  • "Into golden dusk" : orthodox icons as objects of late modern and postmodern desire / Helena Boudin
  • From Byzantium to the Andes / Eric Cullhed
  • Perne in a gyre : the poetic representation of an ideal state in the Byzantine poems of W.B. Yeats / Thomas Sj̈ösvärd
  • And the Oscar goes to ... the emperor! Byzantium in the cinema / Przemysław Marciniak
  • Desiring and acquiring Byzantine artefacts in the USA : cultural property, restoration, and display / Paul Stephenson --- Exhibiting Byzantium : three case studies in the display and reception of Byzantine art, 1997-2008 / Isabel Kimmelfield.