Warwick University Ltd, 2nd edition

Industry, Management & the Universities

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Edited by: E.P. Thompson
April 2014
Distributed by Coronet Books
ISBN: 9780851248295
169 Pages
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In February 1970, students occupying the Registry at Warwick University uncovered evidence of secret political surveillance of staff and students. There followed not only fierce debates within the university on issues of governance and democracy, but also a legal battle as the administration tried to stop the press from publishingthe documentary evidence, and wider public debate on the purpose and values of university education. Warwick University Ltd will be of great interest to today's activists, because the conflict at Warwick clearly prefigures current struggles over the subordination of higher education to commercial goals, as well as political surveillance, policing, the use of legal injunctions, press freedom and business corruption. This edition includes a new introduction prepared by some of the original contributors, highlighting the links between then and now.