Welfare & Values in Europe: Transitions Related to Religion,
Minorities & Gender. Volume 3

Eastern Europe: Latvia, Poland, Croatia & Romania

Edited by Anders Backstrom
December 2012
Uppsala University
Distributed By Coronet Books Inc.
ISBN: 9789155485450                         
340 pages, Illustrated
$87.50 Paper original

This is the third volume of three from the research project Welfare & Values in Eurpoe - Transitions relater to Religion, Minorities and Gender. The project responded to a call from the European Commission's 6th Framework Programme for research on values and religion in Europe. The Commission sought an exploration of how religion is used as a factor in solidarity or discrimination, tolerance or intolerance and inclusiveness or xenophobia.

This volume focuses on Latvia, Poland, Croatia and Romania. These are the four post-communist countries within the WaVE-project. Their welfare systems are still developing and are different in stylye from their Western counterparts. That said they are somewhat similar to the 'weak' welfare regimes found in Southern Europe. The confessional status of these countries varies: from primarily Lutheran Latvia to Catholic Poland and Croatia, to Orthodox Romania. The reports from each country contain an overview of the national situation and an in-depth study carried out in a carefully selected middle-sized town.


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