William Tyndale (1491-1536)
Reformatorische Theologie
Spatmittelalter, Humanismus, Reformation, No. 50

By Arne Dembek
October 2010
Mohr Siebeck
Distributed by Coronet Books Inc.

ISBN: 9783161503023
520 pages

197.50 Hardcover

This book on the life and work of the English reformer William Tyndale is the first comprehensive study of the theological work of one of England’s most important sixteenth century theologians. Based on a detailed analysis of his writings, Arne Dembek draws a fascinating portrait of an English exile in Germany and the Netherlands who was utterly attracted by Reformation theology and therefore also deeply involved in the struggle for religious change in his homeland. Tyndale’s contribution to sixteenth century Protestant theology is considered in the context of other contemporary authors, such as Luther and Bucer, and within the framework of the Reformation as a European movement.

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