Word - Gift - Being
Justification - Economy - Ontology
Religion in Philosophy & Theology, 37

Edited by Bo Kristian Holm & Peter Widmann
August 2009
Mohr Siebeck
Distributed by Coronet Books Inc.
ISBN: 9783161499418
213 pages
$92.50 Paper Original

Focusing on the relationship between justification, gift-economy and ontology, this volume addresses fundamental issues in contemporary Reformation theology with an impact on the understanding of creation theology, human passivity/activity, self-giving, the concept of excess, and generosity. This volume brings the discussion of the role of studies in exchanging gifts into a Lutheran context, offering necessary clarifications on Lutheran thinking and Lutheran perspectives on existing discussions in other traditions. With its focus on gift-economy and ontology, this volume provides new perspectives on the core of Lutheran theology and identifies the crucial issues.

The volume contains English and German studies.

With contributions by:

Oswald Bayer, Ingolf U. Dalferth, Risto Saarinen, Bo Kristian Holm, Niels Henrik Gregersen, Christine Põder, Peter Widmann

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