World Catalogue & Bibliography of the Jewel Beetles (Cleoptera: Buprestoidea)

Volume 1: Introduction; Fossil Taxa; Schizopodidae; Buprestidae: Julodinae - Chrysochroinae: Poecilonotini
Faunistica, No. 76

By Charles L Bellamy
May 2008
Distributed by Coronet Books Inc.
ISBN: 9789546423184                                                                  
606 pages
$267.50 Hardcover


The first complete world catalogue of the jewel beetles, the eighth largest beetle family Buprestidae and its small North American sister-group Schizopodidae, since Jan Obenberger's six fascicle (1926-1937) contribution to the Horn & Schenkling Coleopterorum Catalogus.

Published in five volumes (3125 pages in total), this catalogue presents a full taxonomic history for all taxa, including fossils, along with distribution and type repository data. The catalogue follows the evolving modern classification which, for Buprestidae, employs 6 subfamilies, 47 tribes, 39 non-nominate subtribes, 513 genera and more than 14700 valid species.

In addition, the first large bibliography on the subject concludes the catalogue with more than 8000 citations.  In the present volume 1, a 20 page Introduction provides definition, structure and acknowledgment. The catalogue begins with a listing of fossil jewel beetles before commencing with the extant taxa. The small Schizopodidae come before the Buprestidae, which includes the subfamilies Julodinae, Polycestinae (including the first of the six large genera: Acmaeodera), Galbellinae and the first part of Chrysochroinae.

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