World Catalogue & Bibliography of the Jewel Beetles (Cleoptera: Buprestoidea)

Volume 2: Chrysochroinae: Sphenopterini through Buprestinae: Stigmoderini
Faunistica, No. 77

By Charles L Bellamy
June 2008
Distributed by Coronet Books Inc.
ISBN: 9789546423191                                                                  
614 pages
$267.50 Hardcover


The first complete world catalogue of the jewel beetles, the eighth largest beetle family Buprestidae and its small North American sister-group Schizopodidae, since Jan Obenberger's six fascicle (1926-1937) contribution to the Horn & Schenkling Coleopterorum Catalogus.

Published in five volumes (3125 pages in total), this catalogue presents a full taxonomic history for all taxa, including fossils, along with distribution and type repository data. The catalogue follows the evolving modern classification which, for Buprestidae, employs 6 subfamilies, 47 tribes, 39 non-nominate subtribes, 513 genera and more than 14700 valid species.

In addition, the first large bibliography on the subject concludes the catalogue with more than 8000 citations. The present volume 2 includes the remainder of Chrysochroinae (including the second and third large genera Sphenoptera and Castiarina) and the first part of Buprestinae.

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