WULFILA 311-2011: International Symposium

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Edited by Anders Kaliff & Lars Munkhammer
February 2014
Uppsala University
Distributed by Coronet Books
ISBN: 9789155486648
228 Pages, Illustrated
$87.50 Hard Cover



Preface by the Editors

A Word of Welcome by the Library Director

Welcome by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Uppsala University

Address by the Director-General of UNESCO on the occasion of the inauguration of the Silver Bible on the Memory of the World Register

Vulfila pontifex ipseque primas Gothorum minorum

Eusebius' Tricennial Oration and Wulfila's Christian Creed

Retracing the Goths

Elements of 'Gothic' culture surviving in the Spanish Mozarabic Liturgy

The Goths in ca. 311 AD

Literacy and Text Production in the Age of Germaniz Kelptocracy

Gothic naiswor

Wulfila's Cultural Heritage in Bulgaria and the Eastern Orthodox Tradition

The Gothic Alphabet of Bishop Wulfila and the Cyrillic Alphabet Culture

The Gothic Gospel of John and its text-critical character

Establishing New Alphabets (300-900 AD) and the relation between the structure of an alphabet and the shape of its lettes

The Gothic Language of Bishop Wulfila

Wulfila, Arianism and the Gothic Language in Visigothic Spain

Goths and Religion

Gamla Uppsala and Skokloster