Youth Engaging with the World, Yearbook 2009

Media,Communication & Social Change
International Clearing House on Children, Youth & Media

Edited by Thomas Tuffte & Florencia Enghel
December 2009
NORDICOM--University of Gothenburg
Distrubuted by Coronet Books Inc.

ISBN: 9789189471825
341 pages, Illustrated
$87.50 Paper Original

The Yearbook 2009 focuses on youth as a generation of actors and citizens who are increasingly exposed to and making use of media/ICT for entertainment and informational purposes, for social networking and mobilization, and for knowledge sharing. At the core of this creativity and these innovative practices is media and information literacy. Young people?s competence in using media, their ability to produce, understand and interact with the multiplicity of both new and old media formats and technologies have been instrumental in the manifestation of social processes of change. This book seeks to explore theoretical assumptions as well as empirical evidence of media and information literacy in action. But it also gathers examples of how youth in developing countries have used their skills to bring about change.


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