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News in a Globalized Society

Edited By Stig Hjarvard
December 2001
Nordicom / Goteborg University Press
ISBN: 91-89471-05-9
236 pages, 6 1/2" x 9 3/4"
$95.00 Paper Original

This book is concerned with the role of news media in an increasingly globalized society. It tries to unravel how news as an institution and a genre is both affected by globalization and itself an agent of globalization. A recurrent theme in all of the articles is the impact of globalization on information supply, public debate, and the exercise of democracy. The articles are organized around four themes: globalization and the role of news media; new media, global news and democracy; regionalization and domestication of global news; and war on news in global media. Some articles include: Why Virtuality can be Good for Democracy by Klaus Bruhn Jensen, Transnational Politics and News Production by Tore Slaatta, and International Communication Theory in Transition by Ingrid Volkmer.

Communications; Journalism