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Nomadini (Hymenoptera, Apoidea, Anthophoridae) of Poland

By Waldemar Celary
December 1995
Polish Academy of Sciences
ISBN: 83-901631-3-6
281 pages, illustrated
$68.00 paper original

Monographs and detailed studies on the Polish Nomadini have hitherto been scarce and the data concerning their occurrence scattered in various works. Schmiedeknecht's (1882-84) fundamental work, "Apidae Europaeae," has been outdated for a long time and the division of species into groups within it is artificial. The purpose of this book is to fill in that gap by a close study of morphology as well as a review and supplementing of the bionomics and distribution of the nomads species of Poland. Furthermore, a new arrangement of nomads in species groups, reflecting the affinities between particular species, has been proposed on the basis of comparative studies.

Monografie Fauny Polski, No. 20