Opuscula Romana 25-26, 2000-2001
Annual of the Swedish Institute in Rome

By M. Loog
December 2000
Paul Åströms Förlag
ISBN: 91-7042-164-1
138 pages, illustrated; 8 ¼" x 11 ¾"
$88.00 paper original

Contents include: New perspectives on Roman cloth production. Literacy in Roman Britain: the epigraphical evidence. The importance of patricians as symbolic carriers of tradition in late-Antonine and Severan society. Rustication and décor in Roman architecture: their reflection in the architecture of the 16th century with special attention to their use in the classical orders. Roman children and their pets: a socio-iconographical survey. Roman legates in the Republic. The cognomina of new men in the Late Republic.

Institutum Romanum Regni Sueciae

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