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On-Line with Israel at the Millennium

Insights into Life & Religion

By Micah D. Halpern
December 1999
Urim Publications
ISBN: 965-7108-10-1
126 Pages, Illustrated
$12.50 paper original

Along with beautiful, four-color photography, this book contains a series of short essays by an America Online columnist and historian. The essays provide a first-hand, up-close look at Israeli society. Topics include: Israel as a Religious Model. Tensions in the Holy Land. Who is a Jew? Kosher Wine Revolution. Terrorist Spin. Mossad-Myth or Mistake? Democracy vs. Education. Graffiti in Jerusalem. Bible Politics. Ultra-Orthodox Democracy. Jewish Attitudes Toward Peace & War. Iraq. The Next Fifty Years. Whose Jerusalem? Conflict of Culture. Messianism.

Religion; Politics