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Onychiurinae of Poland
(Collembola: Onychiuridae)

By Romuald Jacek Pomorski
December 1998
Wroclaw University / Polish Taxonomical Society
ISBN: 83-909804-1-X
201 pages, illustrated
$86.50 paper original

A review of all hitherto recorded Polish species of Onychiurinae BÍRNER, 1901, and a key to their determination are given. Generic and tribal-level classifications of Onychiurinae are critically reviewed. Two new genera and one tribus are proposed. Based on the type material the following species are redescribed: Kalaphorura carpenteri (Stach, 1919); Heteraphorura variotuberculata, (Stach, 1934); Archaphorura serratotuberculata (Stach, 1933); Protaphorura pannonica (Haybach, 1960); Onychiurus ambulans (Linnaeus, 1758) sensu Stach, 1934; Deuteraphorura variabilis Stach, 1954; Orthonychiurus rectopapillatus (Stach, 1933); Deharvengiurus denisi (Stach, 1934); Onychiuroides granulosus (Stach, 1930).