Opuscula Romana
Annual of the Swedish Institute in Rome No. 28, 2003

By Brita Alroth
August 2004
Paul Astroms Forlag
ISBN: 9170421684
112 pages, Illustrated, 8 " x 11 "
$139.50 Paper Original

Rome has no parallel in its capacity for producing research in the humanities. Few other cities in the number, international profile and repute of its resident and visiting scholars or in the ambition of its young students, eager to hear and to partake in discussions. Even so, the conduct of studies in the humanities is still an individual venture.

Conferences, symposia, courses and different kinds of collaborative projects are performed and facilitated by the numerous institutes, academies and other learned establishments of the City. For the classical scholar, there is no other place where so much can be learned and such rich experiences can be made.

Contents include: Prologue to the Ninth Boethius Lecture celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the Swedish Institute in Rome, San Lorenzo in Lucina, Jean Le Jeune, Jean Jouffroy and the search for manuscripts in France during the papacy of Nicholas V (1447-1451) with a note by Maria Elena Bertoldi, The ploughsoil assembledge of Zone 4a at Ficana, Dangerous Driving: and Etruscan motif against the Greek and Roman background, Four imported transport amphorae from Acquarossa.


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