Persian Orthography
Modification or Changeover? (1850-2000)

By Forogh Hashabeiky
June 2005
Uppsala University Press
ISBN: 9155461905
250 pages, 6 " x 9 "
$62.50 Paper Original

The present study provides a description of the standardization process of Persian orthography since the introduction of the Arabic alphabet, with a focus on this process in modern times (1850-2000). Using theories related to orthography standardization as its background, this work seeks an explanation for the prolonged standardization process of Persian orthography, and presents the frameworks within which this standardization has been carried out.

The most recent state of Persian orthography is presented through an investigation of the current attitudes towards the problems of Persian orthography and possible frameworks for a potential reform, as well as though an investigation of the current tendencies in the manner of presenting different orthographic parameters within Persian contemporary texts. How and by whom the orthography of today's Persian's texts is governed is another aspect to be examined here.

Language Studies
Studia Iranica Upsaliensia, No. 7

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