Petermann’s Maps
Carto-bibliography of the maps in Petermanns
Geographische Mitteilungen 1855-1945
[CD-ROM Included]

By Jan Smits
Utrecht Studies in the History of Cartography, Vol III
October 2004
Hes & De Graaf Publishers
ISBN: 9061942497
632 pages, Illustrated, 9 ¾” x 12 ¾”
$367.50 Hardcover

Petermann’s Maps focuses on the maps published in the famous German journal Petermanns Geographische Mitteilungen. This journal, which still exists today, greatly influenced the development of scientific geography and cartography in Germany in the nineteenth century. Numerous articles have been published by recognized experts in this field, along with a multitude of illustrations, showing maps, prints and photographs. The journal developed into an important publication, setting the standard in the history of the great expeditions and discoveries, and European colonial matters.

Petermann’s Maps contains a bibliography of over 3400 maps, the complete series of maps published in Petermanns Geographische Mitteilungen between the year of its foundation, 1855, to the end of the Second World War. Besides the bibliography 160 of the most attractive geographical and thematic coloured maps are included in Petermann’s Maps. These maps can also be viewed on the CD-ROM accompanying the book. An extensive introduction precedes the cartobibliography proper, placing Petermanns Geographische Mitteilungen in its historical context.

The introduction describes the history of geography from the eighteenth century onwards, outlining the development of the study of the science of cartography in Germany. The major role the founder of the journal, Augustus Petermann (1822-1878), and the publishing house Justus Perthes in Gotha played in these developments is discussed at length. The author, Jan Smits, has been in charge of the map collection of the Royal Library at The Hague since 1979. The series The Utrecht Studies in the History of Cartography in which Petermann’s Maps appears as volume III, has been prepared under the direction of the Research Program Explokart of the University of Utrecht and is aimed at both researchers and laymen with an interest in these matters.

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