Photography in Bosnia
& Herzegovina to 1918
[In English & Bosnian]

By Nikola Marusic
Translated From Bosnian By Faruk Ibrahimovic
December 2002
Photographic Association of Bosnia & Herzegovina
ISBN: 9958-9396-0-6
252 pages, Illustrated, 8 " x 11 "
$175.00 Paper Original

In the 1960s the Photographic Association of Bosnia and Herzegovina decided to research the history of photography in this country. This task was given to the doyen of photography, Nikola Marusic, EFIAP. Collecting the photos and historical facts for this book over a period of 30 years meant visiting of archives in Istanbul and Vienna. He also visited many photographers and the families of deceased photographers to collect as much material as possible. Since photography was only marginal in the bygone days of our society, research into its history was difficult - there was no specific archive and no data on photographers and their exhibitions. However he managed to complete his research for the period up to 1918.


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