Playing with Fire
How do Computer Games
Influence the Player

by Simon Egenfeldt-Nielsen & Jonas Heide Smith
September 2004
ISBN: 918947127X
40 pages, Illustrated, 6 " x 10"
$39.50 Paper Original

As a medium, the computer game is currently in a period of rapid development. From a design point of view, video games are becoming more complex and they are rapidly spreading to new platforms such as mobile phones, pocket computers, and websites. From a cultural point of view, they are becoming more visible and more difficult to write off as merely a youth phenomenon.

From an economic point of view, games are attracting increasing interest, with the industry showing rapid growth rates and global turnover of approximately $17 billion. This report looks at games from what might be termed the effects perspective - in other words, if focuses on the potential negative effects of computer games on the player. The question posed to the extant literature is this: do computer games have negative effects on their players?

Computer Science; Sociology

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