Polyimides & Other High Temperature Polymers:
Synthesis, Characterization & Applications, Vol. 2

Edited by K.L. Mittal
October 2003
ISBN: 90-6764-378-5
542 pages, Illustrated, 6 1/2" x 9 3/4"
$281.00 Hardcover

This volume documents the proceedings of the Second International Symposium on Polyimides and Other High Temperature Polymers: Synthesis, Characterization and Applications, held in Newark, New Jersey, December 3-6, 2001. Polyimides possess many desirable attributes, so this class of materials has found applications in many technologies ranging from microelectronics to high temperature adhesives to membranes. This volume contains a total of 32 papers, all rigorously peer reviewed and revised before inclusion, addressing many aspects and new developments in polyimides and other high temperature polymers. The book is divided into two parts: Synthesis, Properties and Bulk Characterization and Surface Modification, Interfacial or Adhesion Aspects and Applications. The topics covered include: synthesis and characterization of a variety of polyimides; photoalignable polyimides; high-modulus poly(p-phenylenepyromellitimide) films; structure-property relationships in polyimides; aromatic benzoxazole polymers; polybenzobisthiazoles; polyimide L-B films; transport of water in high T polymers; surface modification of polyimides; adhesion of metal films to polyimide and other polymers; investigation of interfacial interactions between metals and polymers; polyimide film surface properties; applications of polyimides in microelectronics, as membranes for gas separation, as composite films; fabrication of thin-film transistors on polyimide films; polyimide modified with fullerenes; semicrystalline polyimides for advanced composites; and wear performance of polyetherimide composite. This volume offers a wealth of information and represents current commentary on the R&D activity taking place in the technologically highly important field of polyimides and other high temperature polymers and should -- with its predecessor, volume 1 - be of value and interest to anyone interested in the fundamental or applied aspects of this topic.

CONTENTS: PART 1. SYNTHESIS, PROPERTIES AND BULK CHARACTERIZATION Poly(amic acid)s and their ionic salt solutions: Synthesis, Characterization and Stability Study R.H. Vora, P.S.G. Krishnan, S. Veeramani and S.H. Goh A new interpretation of the kinetic model for the imidization reaction of PMDA-ODA and BPDA-PDA poly(amic acid)s C.-C. Yang, K.H. Hsieh and W.-C. Chen Synthesis and characterization of new organosoluble poly(ether imide)s derived from various novel bis(ether anhydride)s D.-J. Liaw, W.-H. Chen and C.-C. Huang Synthesis of novel polyimides from dianhydrides with flexible side chains Y.S. Kim, K.H. Lee and J.C. Jung Polyimides based on rhenium(I) diimine complexes L.S.M. Lam, W.K. Chan and A.B. Djurisic New highly phenylated bis(phthalic) and bis(naphthalic) anhydrides and polyimides therefrom M.L. Keshtov, A.L. Rusanov, Yu.I. Fogel and F.W. Harris New photoalignable polyimides and their ability to control liquid-crystal alignment M. Ree, S.I. Kim, S.W. Lee, W. Choi and W.J. Lee Proton conducting polyimides from novel sulfonated diamines J. Fang, X. Guo, T. Watari, K. Tanaka, H. Kita and K. Okamoto High-modulus poly(p-phenylenepyromellitimide) films obtained using a novel gel-drawing technique J. Sadanobu Effect of structure on the thermal behaviour of bisitaconimide resins I.K. Varma 1-Amino-4,5-8-naphthalenetricarboxylic acid-1,8-lactam-4,5-imide-containing macrocycles: Synthesis, molecular modeling and polymerization P. Ponce, L. Fomina, P. Garcia and S. Fomine Synthesis of aromatic benzoxazole polymers for high Tg, low dielectric properties T.D. Dang, P.T. Mather, M.D. Alexander, M.D. Houtz, R.J. Spry and F.E. Arnold Polybenzobisthiazoles - Critical issues in their performance and properties R. Saxena and L.D. Kandpal Electrical breakdown and electrostatic phenomena in ultra-thin polyimide Langmuir-Blodgett Films M. Fukuzawa and M. Iwamoto Humid ageing of polyetherimide: Chemical and physical interactions with water F. Thominette, I. Merdas and J. Verdu Transport of water in high T polymers: A comparison between interacting and non-interacting systems G. Mensitieri, S. Cotugno, P. Musto, G. Ragosta, and L. Nicolais PART 2. SURFACE MODIFICATION, INTERFACIAL OR ADHESION ASPECTS AND APPLICATIONS New developments in the adhesion promotion of electroless Ni or Cu films to polyimide substrates M. Charbonnier, Y. Goepfert and M. Romand Surface modification of polyimide to improve its adhesion to deposited copper layer M. Danziger and W. Voitus Study on the structure and adhesion of copper thin films on chemically modified polyimide surfaces L.L. Lau, Y. Xiong and L. Hong Chemical interaction of Fe, Ni, and Au with poly(vinyl chloride) and poly(tetrafluoroethylene) during thermal evaporation and the effect of post-metallization X-ray irradiation studied by in situ X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy C.C. Perry, S.R. Carlo J. Torres, A.J. Wagner and D. H. Fairbrother Plasma polymer adhesion promoters for metal-polymer systems J. Friedrich, G. Kühn, R. Mix, I. Retzko, V. Gerstung, St. Weidner, R.-D. Schulze and W. Unger Metallized polyimide films with high reflectivity and electroconductivity S. Kudaikulova, O. Prikhodko, G. Boiko, B. Zhubanov, V. Yu. Voytekunas and M.J.M. Abadie RF plasma etching of a polyimide film with oxygen mixed with nitrogen trifluoride S. Iwamori, N. Yanagawa, M. Sadamoto, R. Nara and S. Nakahara Comparison of polyimide film surface properties exposed to real and simulated space environments: Relevance of atomic oxygen effects to wettability in space M. Tagawa, N. Ohmae, Y. Nakata, K. Gotoh and M. Tagawa Development and optimization of a laser carbonized polyimide film as a sensor substrate for an all-polymer humidity sensor J.M. Ingram, J.A. Nicholson and A.W. Fountain III Fluorinated copolyimides for microelectronics applications J.G. Liu, Z.X. Li, M.H. He, F.S. Wang and S.Y. Yang Fabrication of thin-film transistors on polyimide films H. Gleskova and S. Wagner Polyimide/polystyrene nanocomposite films as membranes for gas separation and precursors for polyimide nanofoams Z.-K. Xu, Z.-M. Liu and L. Xiao Amine-quinone polyimides --- High temperature polymers that protect iron against corrosion M. Han, H. Bie, D.E. Nikles and G. Warren Semicrystalline DABP-BTDA polyimide modified by fullerenes for wear protection G.N. Gubanova, T.K. Meleschko, Yu.A. Fadin, V.E. Yudin, Yu.P. Kozirev, A.A. Michailov, N.N. Bogorad, A.G. Kalbin, G.N. Fiodorova and V.V. Kudryavtsev Influence of aramid fabric on fretting wear performance of polyetherimide composite J. Indumathi, J. Bijwe and A.K. Ghosh Semicrystalline polyimides for advanced composites V.E. Yudin, V.M. Svetlichnyi, G.N. Gubanova, A.I Grigoriev, A.L. Didenko, T.E. Sukhanova, V.V. Kudryavtsev, S. Ratner and G. Marom

Chemical Engineering; Materials Science

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