Practice & Theory of
Bolshevism, 3rd Edition

By Bertrand Russell
Foreword by Ken Coates
December 1995
Spokesman Books
134 pages

Hardcover: $67.50, ISBN: 0-85124-540-4
Paper: $22.50, ISBN: 0-85124-541-2

Bertrand Russell's Practice and Theory of Bolshevism is a first-hand account of the great British philosopher's journey to Russian in 1920. It is a classic and enduring analysis of communism in practice, and a careful polemic with Communist ideology.

But more than this, it is a portrait of the turbulent infancy of the Soviet Republic, and a report on Russell's meeting with such great historic figures as Lenin, Trotsky, and Gorky. Few contemporary works retain such vivid relevance after the fall of Russian communism and the collapse of communist power in Eastern Europe. This book is an essential text for all of Russell's many admirers, and for everyone who wishes to understand the beginnings of Soviet power and politics.

Political Science; History

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