Edited By Sue Hastings & Hugo Levie
ISBN: 0-85124-393-2
205 p.
$43.50 Cloth

The aim of this important study is to give a blow-by-blow account of the Torie's extensive programme of privatisation and the responses that so far seem most successful. This volume will be of particular interest to the public sector trade unionists who are faced with privatisation, because it helps to set some key special cases in the wider context of the Conservative attack on all public services and utilities. Examples range from the NHS and National Freight Corporation, via the gas showrooms, direct labour organisations and refuse collection to British Telecom and the Civil Service.

Privatisation? calls upon all those convinced of the need to defend the public sector to stop and think. What have we done wrong in the past, that leads so many people to be confused about the importance of an expanding instead of a shrinking public sector?

This book is based on an important seminar of trade union research officers, held at the Trade Union Research Unit, Ruskin College.


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