Private Households &
Public Policies in 3rd-5th
Century Jewish Palestine

By Alexei Sivertsev
June 2002
J.C.B. Mohr
ISBN: 3-16-147780-4
279 pages
$157.50 hardcover

This study examines the nature of the Jewish aristocratic households and their public functions during the later Roman and Byzantine periods. It first discusses the nature of the Jewish patriarchate during the third century C.E.

The second part of this book addresses the specific public functions performed by Jewish aristocratic clans, such as judicial, religious, administrative and legislative. The author also demonstrates the continuity that existed in this respect between the Second Commonwealth aristocratic clans and those of the rabbinic period.

Finally, the third part of this study deals with the process leading to the integration of the local native aristocracies of the Roman Near East into the centralized administrative system created by the Emperors, starting with Constantine the Great. This process is analyzed specifically regarding the example of the Jewish ruling elite.

The main question in this section is the degree to which the local administrative apparatus of the newly created Byzantine bureaucracy developed out of the traditional and clan-based public institutions which had existed locally throughout the Roman period.

History; Politics

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