Prostitution in Thailand
Myth & Reality

By Lipi Ghosh
March 2002
Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
ISBN: 81-215-1027-9
327 pages
$43.50 hardcover

Prostitution in Thailand: Myth & Reality is a comprehensive research work about prostitution in Thailand. The study looks into the historical evolution of female prostitution in Thailand; discusses the social, economic, political, institutional, & ideological factors which underpin the growth of Thai sex-industry in contemporary times; submits an organized presentation of the Thai commercial sex sector; examines the social dynamics of HIV infection among sex workers; discusses the statutes & laws of Thailand regarding prostitution; & finally delves into government policies & plans of action for the prevention & eradication of the commercial sex workers in Thailand. The study is very in-depth, & will not only help serious scholars & policymakers, but will also be interesting for the general reader.


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