Prosopography & Computer

Edited by Koen Goudriaan, Kees Mandemakers, et al.
December 1995
ISBN: 90-5350-457-5
218 pages
$46.50 paperback

Prosopography is a collective or group biography in which the external characteristics of a population with something in common are described. Since the 1980s this method of research has experienced huge popularity among social historians. It is no coincidence that the rise of Prosopography has gone hand in hand with the breakthrough of the use of computers in historical studies.

The automatic handling of a wide range of material and a great number of archival sources and historical data has boosted social history and historical prosopography in particular. This book is a collection of papers by the first generation of historians and medievalists to use the computer intensively in their research and combining this with historical prosopography. Themes of the most diverse nature are treated, from classic prosopographical studies on particular social groups or occupational categories to urban elites, illegitimate children, and humanist books.


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