Pseudoscorpions of Serbia,
Montenegro, & the Republic
of Macedonia

By B.P.M Curcic, et al.
November 2004
Institute of Zoology, Faculty of Biology, University of Belgrade
ISBN: 8670780267
400 pages, Illustrated, 7" x 9 "
$275.50 Hardcover

The territories of Serbia, Montenegro and the Republic of Macedonia are home to 119 pseudoscropian species, belonging to 15 genera and 6 families. The number of species was established after a critical review of the existing literature and intensive faunistic research for the accumulation of new data. This makes possible a critical taxonomic and faunistic review, together with a zoogeographical analysis.

The number of species is comparatively high in relation to the number of species recorded from other countries of the Balkan Peninsula. Sixty-five species are known to inhabit Serbia, 45 - Montenegro, and 54 - to the Republic of Macedonia. This biodiversity depends on the size of the religions, their variety, as well as on the degree of exploration by researchers.

Monographs, Vol. VIII

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