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Paul and the New Perspective
Second Thoughts on the Origin of Paul's Gospel

By: Seyoon Kim
April 2002
J.C.B. Mohr
ISBN: 3-16-147692-1
407 pages
$131.00 hardcover

Critical studies of the two 'test cases' for James D.G. Dunn's 'New Perspectives on Paul', Paul's Damascus experience and Gal 3:10-14, reaffirm the Reformation interpretation of Paul's doctrine of justification and confirm that Paul obtained that doctrine from his Damascus experience. The discovery that Isaiah 42 influenced Paul's interpretation of his apostolic call helps explain how Paul developed his antithesis between the Spirit and the flesh/law and why he insists on the impossibility of justification by works of the law. Contrary to the assumption of the New Perspective School, the author's studies issue a call to take Paul seriously as an important witness to his contemporary Judaism.


WissUNT zum Neuen Testament, No. 140