Paul's Divine Christology
Wissenschaftliche Untersuchungen zum Neuen Testament 2. No. 323

By Chris Tilling
September 2012
Mohr Siebeck
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ISBN: 9783161518652
333 pages
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Chris Tilling makes a new contribution to the debate about whether Paul regarded Jesus as divine or not. To examining the details in Paul's letters, which describe the relationship between the risen Christ and Christians. He refers to current debates about Jewish monotheism, arguing that Paul's relationship with Christ - as a recurring pattern - exclusively with the corresponding expression that describes YHWH relationship with Israel in the Judaism of the Second Temple period. This is, it is claimed Tilling, even in texts like Sirach 44-50, the life of Adam and Eve and the talking picture in the Ethiopian Book of Enoch the case. Chris Tilling refers to both the concerns that no one can really speak of a "Christology" of Paul, as well as the current studies on the epistemology of Paul with one and shows that the Christology of Paul is a divine, however, and in a special way example: the relationship with Christ, the divine Christology of Paul is expressed as a relationship. In view of this he not only refuted arguments of those who challenge a divine Christology of Paul, but also attracts also used to define the interfaces between biblical and systematic theology.

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