Peri-Tethys Memoir 6
Peri-Tethyan Rift/Wrench Basins & Passive Margins

Edited By Philippe Bouchet & Bruce Marshall
December 2001
Publications Scientifiques du Museum
ISBN: 2-85653-528-3
762 pages, Illustrated, 8 3/4" x 10 "
$360.00 Hardcover

This book addresses the evolution of rift, wrench and passive margin basins located on the broad northern and southern platforms of the western Tethys belt and within the Alpine - Mediterranean orogenic system. Development and in part also invasion of the basins is variably related to processes controlling the break-up of Pangaea, the progressive opening the Tethyan system of oceanic basins and their closure during the Cimmerian and Alpine orogenic cycles, as well as to extensional tectonics that accompanied the Neogene suturing of Africa - Arabia and Eurasia. The tecto-stratigraphic record of these basins, which hitherto has not been fully taken into consideration, provides new and more accurate information on the interaction between the Eurasian and African - Arabian plates trough time.

Memoires Du Museum National D'Histoire Naturelle No. 186

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