Physicists in Parapsychology

Edited By Liudmila Boldyreva & Nina Sotina
October 2002
ISBN: 5-94975-001-2
108 pages, Illustrated, 5 " x 8"
$77.50 Paper Original

This is a collection of articles describing the results of experimental studies of some phenomena of parapsychology. Theoretical approaches based on the model of superfluid physical vacuum to explanation of the phenomena are presented. Contents include: "What Attitude Should We Take Towards Parapsychology?" "A Bit of History of Parapsychology in Russia," "Experiments and Thoughts," "The Phenomena of Parapsychology," "Experiments on Distant Psychokinesis," "Registration of Bio-field Influence on a Gas-discharge Detector," "Registration of Phenomena of Psychokinesis by Means of Magnetic Devices," "Lethal Dose Gamma-Exposure and Bio-Energy Therapy," "Into the Deep of Matter," "Typical Phenomena in Parapsychology," "Biolocation (Dowsing)," "From Parapsychology Towards Magic."


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