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The Plane of Uncreatedness
A Phenomenological Study of Anita Brookner's Late Fiction

By Inger Bjorkblom
June 2001
Almqvist & Wiksell
ISBN: 91-22-01918-9
167 pages, illustrated
$54.50 paper original

This PhD thesis maintains that the late fiction of Anita Brookner exhibits an autonomous region of auto-affective experience. The study proposes that the autonomy of the region establishes the ontological nature of the Brooknerian reality as a priority of the uncreated over the created. Works analyzed include Lewis Percy, Visitors, and Falling Slowly. Topics include: The Phenomenalization of the World's Absence. The Pharaonic Withdrawing of the Living-Quarters. Heroism without Transcendence. Boredom as Manifestation without World. Ennui as Delirium of Falling. The Helplessness of Feeling.

Stockholm Studies in English, No. CXIII