Proactive Approach: Law Libraries
Scandinavian Studies in Law, Volume 49

Edited by Peter Wahlgren
September 2006
Stockholm University Law Faculty
Distrubuted by Coronet Books Inc.
ISBN: 9185142638
465 pages, 6 5/8 x 9 7/8"
$129.50 Hardcover

Partial Contents:


Introduction to Proactive Law from a Business Lawyer's Point of View.
Government-Based Perspective.
Proactive Law in Academia.
Role of Culture in Legal Risk Management.
Comprehensive Law Movement.

Contract & Risk Management:
Best Practices in Commercial Contracting.
Business Success through Proactive Contracting.
Contract Management.
Successful Outsourcing.
Counselling & Legal Mentality.
Contracting in Networks.
Everyday Contracting.
Prevention is Better Than Cure.
Risk Management in a Global Marketplace.
ICT Context.

Proactive Approaches in Other Law Areas:
Equality & Accessibility for People with Disabilities.
Tax Legislation.
Converging Media Markets.
Data & Information Resources.

Scandinavian Law Libraries:

Notes on Contributors


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